So often people struggling with emotional distress find themselves in a position where they are struggling to survive. For many people, unpleasant emotions grow to such an intensity that focusing on anything else in life becomes a luxury they can no longer afford. My experience is that once people Connect, Understand, and Grow to a place where their distress is less intense, suddenly they re-discover resources of time, energy, and attention that were previously devoted to surviving their distress. The common question that occurs then is “So, now what to I do?” The simple answer is, “You thrive!”

The experience of thriving occurs when a person lives their life in a way that has value, meaning, and purpose. Energy expended into work, family, or society then returns 10-fold. This is the experience I hope everyone has the pleasure to enjoy. Surviving is important and is sometimes the very best we can do when emotional distress is overwhelming. My hope is every patient who comes to my office calms the intensity of their distress so they can return to living a valued life that has meaning and purpose. With time, support, and effort… all things are possible.

If you are struggling with emotional distress while reading these words please remember this: Regardless of how much you are struggling today, you can thrive again!