Once a person has connected with and better understands the emotions they are struggling with, sessions then focus on developing new aspects of themselves to facilitate growth towards the quality life they deserve. There are any number of areas to focus on in the therapy process that can help achieve this goal. Some of my clients find focusing on the thoughts and beliefs that contribute to distress is effective. Others find changing aspects of their behavior and lifestyle facilitates positive change. Still others find making changes in relationships, employment, or other social structures is helpful. Each of these options has the potential to facilitate positive change. However, none are the best option for all people or situations. 

In my therapy office, the client is always in control of what areas they choose to grow. I do not tell people what they “should” do. Rarely do I even give advise. Instead, I help people identify their goals, assess the options for achieving success, and develop a plan for how they are going grow into the person they aspire to be.  Ultimately, every individual in my office has complete control over what aspects of their selves they choose to develop.  I am merely the catalyst for that growth.